About LouieBlaka

As an Elizabeth, New Jersey native, LouieBlaka has been influenced deeply by his city roots. With a BFA in studio painting, he considers his art to be a fusion of contemporary with an edge of street art. The belief that artists of all demographics should be given the chance to share their gift is of great importance to him. He has also been active within the street art community creating murals that can be seen throughout cities in New Jersey, Miami, and Brazil.

"Growing up in the inner city, you see and experience things you wouldn't normally come across living anywhere else. I use those experiences to express the voice of those who can't."



"The purpose behind my art is to INSPIRE. I want to encourage young artists growing up in the inner city to perfect their craft and pursue a career in art. But most of all, to be proud of their gift. Growing up I didn't have anyone to identify with in the art world, so I assumed a career in art was unattainable. Unlike artists, professions like doctors or athletes were glorified and highly sought after. I'm determined to show younger artists otherwise."   




  • "Between Us" Group Exhibit
  • Perth Amboy Art Gallery "Red 6"
  • 3rd Annual Miracle Art Show


  • 2nd Annual Miracle Art Show
  • Perth Amboy Art Gallery "Red 5"
  • "Wake Up and Smell the Roses" Exhibit


  • Perth Amboy Art Gallery "Red 4"
  • Miracle Art Show
  • New York City's Coffee Art Festival Art Showcase (2nd Place Overall)


  • "Fire & Ice" Artist Showcase
  • The Musae presents: "Manifest"
  • FAMNOW NYC Artist Showcase
  • Joe Canal's presents: "Wine & Art Showcase" 
  • Conception Gallery's "NYC Emerging Artists" Showcase
  • Conception Gallery's "Woman Up" Exhibit
  • Perth Amboy Art Gallery's "Red 3" Exhibit
  • NJ Drug Enforcement Agency/Gateway Center Gallery's Heroin Art Exhibit
  • LouieBlaka presents: "Paint It Forward" Exhibit
  • Hota'te presents: "WE R'TIST" Exhibit


  • Sigma Lambda Upsilon's "Arte De Expresion" Exhibit
  • "Maid in America" Exhibit
  • Perth Amboy Art Gallery's "Red 2" Exhibit